Why did we create Klever Knowledge training?

When we tried to kick off engagements with clients who wanted to implement knowledge-sharing programs, we’d first have to take hours to train their teams on the basic methodology.

Over the years, a number of our clients asked us for an easier, faster way to get their teams started with the de facto knowledge-sharing methodology for support–KCS*.

We believe Klever Knowledge Training

knowledge sharing

helps create a knowledge-first culture.

What is a knowledge-first approach?

Phil Verghis CEO & Co-founder, Klever Insight, talks about moving from a case-first to a knowledge-first approach.

The truth is

Half of all knowledge management implementations fail in the first year.

And two-thirds of them rip and replace the tools after just three years.


Because they fail to take the most important step—putting in place a knowledge-first culture.

Klever Knowledge training gives your team the knowledge-first foundation it needs to make knowledge management a success. It creates a culture where people want to improve knowledge every time they touch it, leaving it in a better place for the next person.

FAQ about Klever Knowledge Training

The training consists of short, memorable online lessons that knowledge workers complete at a pace that works for them. The information is easy to learn and reinforced with short quizzes, handy to-do lists, videos, and downloadables.

Klever Knowledge is based on the fundamental principles of KCS, and the Consortium has reviewed, approved, and licensed the training as a helpful tool for knowledge workers. We call it a “derivative” because we build on the basic methodology with additional insights and training. For example, we have additional modules on how to measure teams, and we also deep-dive into some of the topics, like our guidance on how to choose, train, and be a great Coach.

Service and support managers and team members who want to learn the basic principles of standing up, adopting, and maintaining a knowledge-sharing process.

The training is made up of 5- to 15-minute learning modules. Most learners complete the training in less than two hours.

What they said

" Klever Knowledge (online self-paced training) is going to help Cloudflare develop a custom workflow and a program for KCS".


  • Introduction
    • Why do we care about sharing knowledge?
    • The four stages of knowledge sharing
    • Four Principles of Knowledge Sharing
    • The KCS double loop
    • Why put knowledge first?
    • First, find your champions
  • Articles and roles
    • Articles and roles overview
    • Article status
    • Article audience
    • Roles
    • Klever tip: Articles and roles matrix
    • Articles: What do we know?
    • Roles: What do we know?
  • Content standard
    • Content standard overview
    • Content structure
    • Content quality
    • Content standard: What do we know?
  • Content health
    • Content health overview
    • Handling Existing Data
    • New content for the knowledge base
    • Duplicate articles
    • Knowledge area analysis
    • Content health: What do we know?
  • Workflows
    • Workflows overview
    • Case workflow
    • Knowledge workflow
    • Workflows: What do we know?
  • Knowledge Coaches
    • Coaching overview
    • Choosing coaches
    • Becoming a Coach
    • Coaching Tools
    • Coaching: What do we know?
  • Knowledge Measures
    • Knowledge measures overview
    • Examine your current measures
    • Future measures
    • Knowledge measures: What do we know?
  • Communications Plan
    • Communications Plan overview
    • Communications Plan: What do we know.
  • Technical specifications 
    • Technical specifications overview
  • Review process
    • Review process overview

*KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation, who created and maintains the standard.