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Klever Knowledge

A licensed derivative of KCS®* Knowledge-Centered Service

KCS is the de facto standard for knowledge-sharing. It has evolved over the decades with six major revisions and continues to show proven success in organizations of all sizes around the world. Klever Knowledge training makes KCS easy to understand and apply in a simple, powerful way.

Learn the fundamentals in less than two hours and foster a knowledge-first culture in your team.


The results are compelling.

Klever Knowledge was born from KCS®* Knowledge-Centered Service, which was designed for the intense support environment where survival depends on what you know and how fast you solve problems. KCS has proven benefits for employees and customers.

20 – 35% improved employee retention

50 – 60% improved time to resolution

When asked if Klever Knowledge training made KCS easy to understand, 100% of those surveyed said Yes!

It's a terrific presentation on KCS concepts, great both for KCS newcomers and even for more experienced KCS practitioners. What particularly resonated with me is how important effective messaging from executive leadership is to an organization and the need for an overall business goal from knowledge sharing. Also equally important is measuring the success of your knowledge sharing which the course also covers.”

*KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation, who created and maintains the standard.